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The chair of "Radioelectronics"

The head of the department "Radioelectronics"

Sattarov Sergey Abudievich, assistant professor, candidate of physico-mathematical sciences

Phone: 998 91-595-95-30


Reception days: Friday, 4pm

Information about the department - The department "Radioelectronics" was formed on October 10, 2017 on the basis of the department "Power engineering". Teaching staff of the department consists of 21 teachers, including 7 associate professors, 5 senior lecturers, 9 assistants.

The directions of Bachelor's studies

  • 5250700- Radio-electronic equipment and systems
  • 5310800-Electronics and instrument making (industrial electronics)

List of taught disciplines

  • Physics
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Theoretical electrical engineering
  • Electronic devices and integrated circuits
  • Computer modeling in electronics
  • Microcircuitry
  • Programming of microcontrollers
  • Powerful electronic devices
  • Alternative sources of electricity
  • Technological control methods and devices
  • Fundamentals of Radioelectronics
  • Electronic materials and components
  • Electrodynamics and propagation of radio waves
  • Microprocessor equipment
  • Electricity supply devices
  • Amplifiers and pulse devices
  • Radio circuits and signals
  • Radio measurements
  • Radioautomatics
  • Microwaves and antenna devices
  • Television and video equipment
  • Radar and radionavigation systems
  • Radio transmitting devices
  • Design of radio electronic devices

Teaching staff of the department

  • Sattarov Sergey Abudievich Head of the department
  • Mustafakulov Asror Ahmedovich Assistant professor
  • Rabbimov Ashboy Azimovich Assistant professor
  • Parsohonov Abdukobi ?affarovich Assistant professor
  • Eshbekova Sanobar Omonlikovna Assistant professor
  • Ruziboev Saparboy Assistant professor
  • Solovyov Ivan Alexandrovich Assistant professor
  • Pardaboev Abdurahim Senior Lecturer
  • Zhuraeva Nasiba Mardievna Senior Lecturer
  • Suyarova Matluba ?sanovna Senior Lecturer
  • Taylanov Nizom Senior Lecturer
  • Khalilov Orzi?ul Senior Lecturer
  • Mustofokulov Zhabbor Ahmatkulovich Assistant
  • Mamatkulov Bakhodir Hasanovich Assistant
  • Ibragimov Zhahongir Kuchimovich Assistant
  • Akhmadzhonova Umida Tajimurodovna Assistant
  • Muldanov Faizi Rizkulovich Assistant
  • Babanov Dilmurod Toshpulatovich Assistant
  • Khatamov Jahongir Assistant
  • Ahmedov Erkin Rakhmonovich Assistant
  • Urinov Shukhrat Assistant

Scientific directions of the department:

  • "Analysis of impurity crystals by the Mossbauer spectroscopy method,
  • "Study of increasing the efficiency for alternative types of electricity"
  • "Increasing the accuracy of the color sensor"

Themes of educational-methodical work of the department:

  1. Mustafokulov A., Mustafokulov G. "Electrotechnical materials" collection of tasks
  2. Rabbimov E. Suyarova M. "Electrical engineering and basic electronics" collection of tasks
  3. Mustafokulov A., Zhuraeva N. Eshbekova S. "Collection of problems on the general course of physics"
  4. Sattarov SA, Ahmadzhonova U. "Collection of tests and practical exercises for
  5. passing an intermediate control on the general course of physics (in Russian)
  6. Muldanov F. "Physical Foundations of Optical Communication"

The list of scientific articles issued by members of the departments for the last three years

  1. Sattarov S.A. The influence of irradiation on the M?ssbauer spectra MF2 - FeF3 (M-Ca, Sr, Ba) Int. Conf. "Application of Mossbauer effect". ICAME'2017, Abstracts, v1, S-Petersburg, 3-8 September, 2017, -p.34
  2. Sattarov S.A. Nonlinear KDVB-type waves in superconductors Abstract, International Workshop "Wave dynamics in branched systems and networks: From Nano to Macro scale. " (May 25-27, 2016, Tashkent, Uzbekistan)
  3. Sattarov S. A, Eshbekova S.O., Murtazin E.R. A simple estimate of the density of dark matter in spiral galaxies. Poster, ICTP summer school (May 18-29, 2015 Khiva, Uzbekistan)
  4. Taylanov NA, Akhmedov E.Uzbek Journal of Physics "Leakage of magnetic flux in superconductors" Vol.18, No. 4, PP.452-455, 2016.
  5. Taylanov NA, Akhmedov ER Uzbek Journal of Physics "Penetration of magnetic flux in superconductors" Vol.18, No. 3, PP.345-351, 2016.
  6. Porsakhonov A., Khatamov Zh.Rossiya, Young Scientist "Jet propulsion model of a small autonomous underwater vehicle: motion" April 2016, No. 7.2 (111.2)
  7. Porsakhonov A. American scientific research journal for engineering, technology, and science (ASRJETS). "Renewable energy source from natural thermal expansion and contraction of matters" 2016, Volume 23, No. 1, pp 121-130.
  8. Taylanov N.A. , Mustafakulov A., Eshbekova S.O.Ukraina, Low-temperature physics "Explosive instability in type II superconductors" 2016, vol. 42, No. 7, p.418-422
  9. Mustafakulov A. Russia, Scientist of the XXI century "Research of renewable energy sources" №3-1 (16), March 2016.
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