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The chair of "Electro-Energetic"

Head of the department"Electro-Energetic" 

f-m.f.d., prof  U. Yuldashev

Tel.: +998(91) 590-56-01


Reception time:Monday to Friday (14:00 to 16:00)

Commonly, electro-energetic specialists are prepared on the base of the chair of "Electro-energetic".

The chair was founded in 1979. Firstly, this chair belonged to the chair of "Common subjects" of the Jizzakh branch of Tashkent Polytechnical institute. Then, the chair was named as the chair of "Physics".

In 1992 the electro energetic specialty was opened in that institute and the chair was renamed as the chair of "Electro energetic and physics".

In 2002 the chair of "Electro energetic" separated from the chair.

Then in 2005 both chairs were reunited and renamed as the chair of "Electro-energetic and physics", in 2012 renamed as the chair of "Electro-energetic".

During 1999-2017 the chair prepared more than 1200 high qualified specialists. Nowadays they are successfully working in the regions of our republic, basically in Jizzakh, Samarkand, Khorazm, Navoi, Buchara, and Syrdarya regions.

Since 2012 the chair has been managing by professor and doctor of technical sciences U.Yldashev professor, andidates of sciences.

In 1980 there was founded the problematic-research laboratory under the chair of "Electro-energetic and physics". Under that the problematic-research laboratory was founded master course for the direction (01.04.07) of "Physics of solid materials".

The most important, that there was resolved the actual problems of analyzing of radiation optic peculiarities of Cristal materials and structural analyzing of Cristal materials by gamma-resonance ways by the help of Messbauer spectroscopic instruments in the problematic-research laboratory, which was the most single laboratory in our country.

On the bases of taken results the scientific workers of the laboratory Porsakhanov A., Rabbimov E., Doniyorov Sh., Sattorov S. and Igamkulov S. successfully defended their dissertation thesis.

In 1991 U.Yuldashev defended his doctoral dissertation thesis.

Chair's staff:

There are 15 professor-teachers, 1 doctor of technical sciences and professor, 1 dotsents and candidates of sciences, 4 head teachers, 7 assistant teachers in the chair of "Electro energetic".

They are successfully working and tutoring the students of our institute on the base of State Educational Standards.

The chair of "Electro energetic" has its own post in the forming and developing of electro-energetic system of our republic.