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The chair of "Chemistry"

Head of the department "Chemistry"

Shukhrat Khakberdiev Mardonovich

Phone.: +99893-650-91-99


Time of the tour: Thursday from 14: 00-16: 00


In September, 2017, at the Faculty of Industrial Technology, the Department of Chemistry was opened, and the head of this department was appointed as acting director. Hakberdiev Sh.M. Teaching staff: Y. Gulbaev, M.Matchanova, S.Bobomuradova, D.Kholmuminova, F.Karimova, M.Isakulova, S.Sharipov, S.Abduvalieva and associate professors M.Pozilov and I.Ruzmatov started their activities. At the present time, the students of the bachelor's degree are taught the discipline as: inorganic and general chemistry, organic chemistry, chemistry, chemistry, physical and colloid chemistry.

Professors and teachers

  1. Hakberdiev Shukhrat Makhramovich. Head of the department
  2. Pozalov Mamazhon Narziulovich.Docent
  3. Rizmatov Ikrom. The accent
  4. Gulboev Yakhshilik Irsalievich. Assistant professor
  5. Matchonova Mukabbat Botirovna. Katta ў?ituvci
  6. Bobobomurodova Sanobar Yunusovna. assistant
  7. Holmuminova Dilorom Anvarovna. assistant
  8. Karimova Feruza Sattorovna. assistant
  9. Isayulova Mu?addas Shukurovna. assistant
  10. Sharipov Sukhrob Asadullaevich. assistant
  11. Sidor Bakhtiyorovna Abduvalieva. assistant

Teaching disciplines at the department:

Bachelor: Inorganic and General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry, Strict Chemistry, Physical and Colloid Chemistry, Organic, Analytical and Colloid Chemistry, Physico-Colloidal Chemistry and Methods of Analysis

Teaching staff of the department: The number of 11-9 core and 2 concurrently. The scientific essence of 27%

Leading scientific works at the department

  1. Fundamentals of the synthesis of the new Schiff gossypol, its production of water-soluble complexes and the activity of immunostimulants. Sh.M. Khakberdiev
  2. When teaching the discipline of chemistry of physico-colloid theoretical significance of innovative technology .. S.Sharipov
  3. Modeling of the passivation of point defects in silicon with hydrogen..M.Sh. Isalyulova
  4. Improving the quality of Portland cement with the addition of additional increases in the composition .. FSKarimova
  5. Study of the waste in the chemical industry in the environment (In the example of the Jizzakh region). S.Yu.Bobomurodova
  6. Analysis of the microbiological index of natural waters. (In the example of the Jizzakh region). D.A. Kholmuminova
  7. The modern way of isolation of non-ferrous metals and their significance in humanity .. Ya.I.Gulboev
  8. Study of the catalytic vinylation reaction of benzotriazole..S.B. Abduvalieva
  9. The importance of innovative technology in the study of chemistry .. M.B.Matchanova


  1. October. To improve the quality of education and effectiveness, the preparation of training and regulatory documentation. Hakberdiev Sh.M.
  2. October. For qualitative teaching of special disciplines and increasing efficiency, prepare an electronic-methodical complex .. Hakberdiev Sh.M.
  3. November. For the qualitative education and efficiency increase in an electronic order, prepare virtual laboratories. S. Sharipov.
  4. November. For qualitative education and efficiency increase in electronic order, prepare virtual practical classes on modern conditions .. Sharipov SA, Isalyulova M.Sh.
  5. December. Pedagogical advanced and technological methods are introduced when teaching the subject of chemistry. D. Kholmuminova.
  6. December. When teaching the discipline of chemistry "General and inorganic chemistry to introduce the educational and methodological complex and the achievement of results .. Karimova FS.
  7. January. When teaching disciplines of chemistry, pedagogical information technology is used for its effectiveness and quality. Matchanova M.B.
  8. January. Laboratory classes to conduct using information technology advanced pedagogical way and its development .. Isayulova M.Sh.,
  9. February. Style and principle of the organization of reports .. Matchanova MB.
  10. March. When teaching the subject of chemistry, use the cluster method in the style of technology improvement .. Gulboev Ya.I.
  11. April. Competentium student and teacher .. Bobomurodova S.
  12. May. Start an electronic journal and qualitatively fill in information and process its vision technology .. Karimova FS
  13. May. Analyze the results of the meeting and on this basis to develop measures aimed at improving the quality of education. ?а?berdiev Sh.M.
  14. June. Development of the electronic modular complex and expand the database of information and its prospects .. SB Abduvalieva, M.S. Isahulova.
  1. The structure of the clathrate of di-2.5 xylidine-gossypol with acetone. Reports of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan 2013 No. 5. ct. 43-46. Khakberdiev Sh.M., S.A. Talipov, ABIbragimov, D.N. Dalimov.
  2. 200-Bis {8- (benzylamino) methylidene] -1,6-dihydroxy-5-isopropyl-3-methylnaphthalen-7 (8H) -one}. 2013 Acta Crystallographica Section E Structure Reports. Online. ISSN 1600-5368 st.1-16. Khakberdiev Sh.M., S.A. Talipov, D.N. Dalimov, B.Ibragimov.
  3. The structure of clathrate bis-M) -aminobenzoatgossol with ethyl acetate. The Uzbek Chemical Journal, 2014, No. 4, Art. 6-9. Khakberdiev Sh.M., Honkeldieva MT, Talipov SA, Ziyaev Kh.L., Ibragimov B.T.
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  5. Study of the cytotoxic action of certain glycyrrhizic acid complexes with gossypol derivatives. 2015, No. 3/1 of Art. 8-10. Khakberdiev Sh.M., Radzhabova GG, Rakhmatullaeva N.Sh., Levitskaya Yu.V., Khayitboev A.Kh., Dalimov D.N.
  6. Gossypol potentiates the colloid-osmotic lysis of human erythrocytes. Doklady of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 2015, No. 5, Art. 99-102. Khakberdiev Sh.M., Chorieva NM, Khamidova OZ, Kurbonazarova R.Sh., Merzlyak PG, Gafurov MB, Tashmukhammedov BA, Sabirov R.Z.
  7. The study and synthesis of drugs based on the modification of natural compounds. Young scientist monthly scientific journal, 2016, No. 7/2 of Art. 19-22. Khakberdiev Sh.M., Matchanov MB