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«Oktyabr 2018»

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The chair of "Processing of agricultural products"

Head of Department “Processing agricultural products”

Kuychiev Odil

Phone:  +998 (93) 300-24-63,  +998 (90) 516-33-00


Time of reception: Charshanba 10:00-16:00



Information about the Department "Processing of agricultural products"

The Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute has a place along with vissani educational institutions of the Republic and was organized on the basis of the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 28 February 1992 and decision of the Council of Ministers No. 125 of 11 March 1992 as a branch of the Tashkent architectural building Institute, a branch of the Tashkent chemical-technological and automobile branch of the Tashkent road Institute as a branch of the Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute. Djizaksky Polytechnic Institute are included in the Ministry of the higher and average special education. The Department called "Chemical engineering" is organized in 1983 under the guidance of doctor of chemistry, Professor of Kurbanov Farkhod of Magomedov in the branch of the Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute. The Department was headed by: 1995-2005 candidate of chemical Sciences B. Urdashev, 2006-2010, candidate of chemical Sciences N. Tangerino, 2011 Professor I. Ruzmetov, 2012-2016 candidate of chemical Sciences N. M. Pozilov. Since February, 2017 the Department is headed by candidate of chemical Sciences, associate Professor I. Ruzmetov.

The Department "agricultural products Processing" was organized on the basis of the Order of the Minister of higher and secondary special education, from 3 October 2017 no. 728 and the order of the rector of the Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute 6-Oct 2017 no. 534 AF.

The Department "agricultural products Processing" in the organization of work is based on Konstitutsiyu of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Laws, the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions and decrees of the Council of Ministers of Uzbekistan, decisions of Oliy Majlis, of the Charter "higher rising" standards "of higher obrozovanie" other regulatory documents and its Charter.

Address of the Department "agricultural products Processing", Republic of Uzbekistan, Djizak region, Djizak city, Avenue of Islam Karimov, the house 4.

Currently, the Department trained 1 obrozovatelnoy direction of a bachelor degree 5410500 - storage and primary processing of agricultural products. In this area are trained 189 students.

At the Department "Processing of agricultural products", 11 professors and teachers (9.25 staff) lead zanati for the professions to enhance knowledge and skills of students. From them 1 doctor of Sciences, Professor and 3 candidates of Sciences, associate professors.


  • 5410500 - “Technology of storage and primary processing of agricultural products”
  1. soil science and Agrochemistry
  2. Warehouses for storage of agricultural products
  3. logistics storage and primary processing of agricultural products
  4. Technology of drying fruits and vegetables
  5. Drying of products in home conditions
  6. the Technology of storage and primary processing of grain
  7. Chemistry of agricultural products
  8. Storage of products in home conditions
  9. principles of design of storage facilities and equipment of processing enterprises.
  10. fruit-and grape and avosetta
  11. Agriculture and melioration
  12. Crop and cotton production
  13. introduction to the specialty
  14. Mechanization of agricultural production and processing pervichnoi
  15. Biochemistry of agricultural products.
  16. Commodity processing of agricultural products
  17. Technology products subtropical plant and primary processing
  18. the Technology of storage and primary processing of products and technical plants.
  19. the Technology of storage and primary processing of fruit-Ovda.
  20. Canning foods at home conditions
  1. Koichiev Odil acute Head of the Department
  2. Islomov Usmonkul Rustamovich Associate Professor
  3. Osmonkulov Alisher Kodirov Associate Professor
  4. Yuldash Toshpulatovich Associate Professor
  5. Karimov Shavkat Senior lecturer
  6. Norkulova of Zahida Tashbaeva Senior lecturer
  7. Shamshiev Jayfar Abdusalamovich Senior lecturer
  8. Ergashev Bakhtiyor Ablove assistant
  9. Usmonov Kamol Abdujabbarova assistant
  10. Karimova Nurzada Narson assistant
  11. Haydarov Sardor assistant
  1. Justification of parameters and modes of operation of vicariates peanuts. Nov 2017 Koichiev O. R.
  2. Development of methods of struggle against degradation of soils of the Dzhizak region. December 2018 Islomov W. R.
  3. the Study of economical technologies of water use Jizak viloyat. January 2018. yt
  4. increasing the efficiency of sushilnoe installation. March 2018 Ergashev B.
  5. Warehouses for storage of agricultural products. May 2018 Usmonov K.
  6. Technology virascivanie screeny, low varieties of Apple tree. Jun 2018 Khaydarov S.
  1. October Preparation of teaching materials to improve performance. Koichiev O.
  2. October Preparation of electronic teaching materials for teaching of special disciplines at the present level. Koichiev O.
  3. November Technology the development of electronic virtual laboratories to enhance the quality and efficiency of education. Islomov U.
  4. November Training modern electronic virtual practical training to improve the quality and efficiency of education. Sharipov Yuri
  5. December the use of modern pedagogical technologies in the study of special subjects. Norkulova Z.
  6. December the Results of the use of technology, UMK in teaching discipline “Technology of products of subtropical plants and primary processing”. Ergashev B.
  7. January Quality and effectiveness in teaching information and communication and pedagogical technologies in the study of special disciplines. Koichiev O.
  8. January The methodology and ways of improvement of teaching laboratory classes using advanced pedagogicheskoi and information and communication technologies. Karimov Sh. ass. Karimov N.
  9. February The methodology and principles of the organization of the lectures. Assoc. Sharipov Yuri ass. Karimov N.
  10. February Technology training teaching materials to improve the quality and effectiveness of teaching special disciplines. art.Narusova S ass. Usmonov To
  11. March the effectiveness of the use of computer technology in the implementation of degree works, the organization of the software. art.Narusova Z. ass. Khaydarov S.
  12. March The use of project technology in rising and voploshenie the most modern technologies. Assoc. Islomov U. ass. Khaydarov S.
  13. April the Development of the use of technology Cluster method in the teaching of the discipline "Commercial processing of agricultural products". art. Shamshiev, J.
  14. Aprel optimization of communication student-teacher. ass. Ergashev B.
  15. May Development of technology to fill in the electronic journal. Assoc. Islomov U. ass. K. Usmonov
  16. May Analysis the end of the semester and razarbotka measures to improve education. Assoc. Koichiev O.
  17. Jun Usovershenstvovanie module Electronic teaching materials and expansion of databases. Assoc. Sharipov Yuri ass. Karimov N.
  1. Improvements spenceley cotton pickers. Printed “Modern ecological state of the natural environment and the scientific and practical aspects of rational use of nature” Collection laucnh works of the international scientific-practical conference, 2017. Of the Russian Federation. Astrakhan. 3 Beth key Koichiev H. O., sotov A., Inlaw H., Pardaev O.
  2. Methods of teaching discipline “Material management and TCM” using modern information and commu-nication technologies. Raspechatan “science and technology Results framework development.” Abstracts of scientific conference, 2017. P. 96-98. -Jizzakh. 3 Beth Koichiev., Agronova sh.