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«August 2018»

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The chair of "Light industry technology"

Head of the department of "Light industry technology"

P.h.D., dots. Muxtarov Botir Abdusattarovich

Phone.: +99893-540-04-54 (mob)


Foster days: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 14:00 to 16:00.

Department "Light industry technology"

From 1993-1994 academic year in the Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute, students were admitted to study in the specialty "Technology of garments". In connection with the admission of students in the specialty "Technology of light industry products" from 1995-1996 academic year, bachelors are trained for light industry enterprises. In 2002 the department "Technology of light industry" was founded.

From 1996 to 2006 the department was headed by Ph.D. OH. Zakirov, from 2006 to 2008, Assoc. J. Babanazarova. In 2008, GK Soatova was appointed the head of the department. Since 2012 to this day the department is headed by Ph.D. Mukhtarov BA Under the leadership of BA Mukhtarov, new laboratory cabinets were created in the department, instruments and equipment for laboratory work were updated. In 2014, in order to fulfill paragraph 6 of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 178 dated August 27, the Institute created the third year students M. Mannonova Ltd. OdinaSkarletTextil. To organize the production of goods, an enterprise created by M. Mannonova for a bank loan of 130,000 euros was equipped with 3 pieces of a flat knitting machine. In this moment in the weaving workshop employs more than 50 people from them 30 graduates of colleges. The daily capacity of the workshop is 200-250 pieces.

Educational Activity

As of December, 2017, the department studies in the 1st course 110, 2 courses 130, 3 courses 114, 4 courses 118, total in the department 472 students.

  • The department has achieved methodological provision in all subjects, that is, there are textbooks, teaching aids, methodological guides and instructions, electronic texts of lectures, teaching and methodological complexes.
  • In the department special attention is paid to the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel. 36 students are involved in research work.
  • The educational process is modern pedagogical technologies.
  • In the department "Technology of light industry" "bachelors are trained in the direction of training 5320900 -" Design and technology of light industry products.

Teaching staff of the department

Head of the department:

Mukhtarov Botir Abdusattarovich.

Senior teachers:

  • Shukarova Shamsia Pulatovna,
  • Gafurova Sozhida Sayfullaevna,
  • Yuldasheva Mavluda Turamurodovna,
  • Ismatova Mahsuda Mirzakobylovna.


  • Yadgarova Hilola Israilovna,
  • Matchanova Nargis Nartaevna,
  • Egamberdiev Fazliddin Atakulovich,
  • Sadikov Farhad Samandarovich,
  • Kazakova Dilafruz Erkinovna,
  • Allayarov Khurram Zafarovich,
  • Gadayev Nuriddin Ertashevich,
  • Yuldashev Khurshid, Kholboev Eler,
  • Karimova Gulzhakhon, Pulatov Nurbek.

In the department in the period 2008-2016 gg. the following textbooks and a textbook have been published.

Textbooks on subjects "Technology of garments" by G. Soatova, S. Gafurov, "Design of garments" by G. Soatova, Sh. Shumkarova, "Equipment for the production of garments" by K. Alimov, G. Soatova. Textbook "Designing clothes on the computer" for colleges by B.A. Mukhtarov.

The department has corporate and innovative cooperation with the following production organizations:

  1. The Russian-Uzbek joint venture "Forish textil"
  2. Jizzah plastekstil
  3. Diamond carpet
  4. Uzbek-Turkish JV "EUROASIA KARPET"
  6. LLC "Zaristateks"

The department has cooperation with other universities and institutes.

  1. Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry.
  2. Bukhara Institute of High Technology.
  3. Namangan Institute of Engineering Technology.
  4. Ferghana Polytechnic Institute
  5. Termez State University.

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