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The chair of "Physical training"

Head of the department "Physical training"

Abduvaliev Xurshid Abdulxayitovich


Phone: +998902650808

Reception days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 14:00 to 16:00.


Physical training chair

Department of "Physical training" was founded in 1992. Senior teacher R.Bazarov headed the department. Since 1993 he has been working as a senior lecturer AK Akylov. During the establishment of the Department of Physical Education, the rector of the institute, academician Rashidov, rendered full support to the department by building its own sports facilities, renovating the gym, providing sports equipments, physical training and sports. From 1995 to 2012, the chair was headed by Senior Lecturer G.Zh.Usupov, Master of Sport in DZYUDO. From 2017 Abduvaliev Khurshid Abdulkhayitovich is the head of the department. At the department are well-known coaches-teachers, who made a worthy contribution to the development of physical culture and sports in Jizzakh region.

Table Tennis, and Fut Lounge
Big school1.
Abduvaliev X.
Kat.o' over. title
Khodjimatov V.
Freestyle Wrestling
sporty candidate
Yusupov Q.
Basalt and Badminton
B.J. Eshankulov
Handball sport
a Candidate Master of Sports
I.M. Kirghiz
 On light athletics
Berdanov A.
 On chess
Isakobulov R.
Football by girls, by guys
Ishikkulov B.
Combat, Dzyu-do
As. sports master

as well as educate young people in their ability to be healthy, energetic, courageous, courageous physically-minded, ready to work and protect the motherland.

The leadership of the institute and the teachers of the department have been involved in physical education and sports programs, physical training and sports, attraction of students to sports clubs, and paying close attention to sports clubs. At the department classes are being held in clubs such as wrestling, volleyball, table tennis, handball, basketball, football and small football.

In addition, students are regularly checked for medical examinations, and their physical training requirements, learning criteria, and test scrutiny have been introduced by the State Committee for Physical Training and Sports. The Department of "Physical Training" has organized a mass sports plan and schedule.

From 2000 to 2016, Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute participated in Universiada sports competitions and took honorable places. In our institute in 2012 - 2015, one of the most well-known clothing styles, washing rooms and sports facilities have been built. Sunni coatings, a gym, a truncheon, a wrestling hall, and other sports facilities were just a dream. Today, our institute is known not only as a talented athlete but also as an institute for large tournaments.

sports games “BARKAMOL AVLOD-2017”

JIZZAX – 2017

Work done to prepare and conduct sports competitions by teachers of the department "Physical education" 

Teachers and staff of "Physical training" department made the following preparations for preparation and carrying out sports competitions "Barkamol avlod-2017".

A football field was prepared, a new gate was installed, a bench for 300 people, a spreadsheet was installed. Volleyball courts, tennis courts are organized. The gymnasium around the city was rebuilt. A dressing room was repaired in the gym. Fitted to 82 cupboards, fog lights replaced, 21 sets of shower rooms were renovated, water and sewage system were repaired. Caridor, Fae, Teacher's Rooms have been repaired 100%. The staircase has been completely repaired in the gym. YPO safety tools were deployed. Head of the department was led by Abduvaliev X. and prepared a football field. Khodjimatov V. volleyball sports hall sports hall has been prepared for the sports competitions and held a beautiful competition. Sports competitions started on May 25.

Sports competitions "Barkamol Avlod-2017" were very interesting. All the athletes we liked were enjoyed by the sports complex and the area. However, the sports equipment given to the sports complex is still unfortunate.

In our institute faculty, staff and students are provided with physical training and health promotion activities throughout the academic year, with academic training, physical training, sports, physical exercises, teaching staff, staff and students as well as in sports clubs with various types of physical training and sports. Physical education and sport are important factors not only for physical and spiritual development. He tires the will and teaches us how to pursue a goal, to overcome difficulties, and to deal with endurance. In the heart of man, he instills confidence, pride and pride in victory.

The department teaches:

  • Physical Education.

The chair is professor-teachers

  • Abduvaliev Khurshid Abdulhamidovich - the head of the department
  • Khodjimatov Valijon Melikuzievich - Senior Lecturer
  • YUsupov Qosim Yasinovich - senior teacher
  • Eshonqulov Bakhtiyor Djuraevich - assistant
  • Ismat Ismat Musabayevich - Assistant
  • Tilakov Alisher Ashurovich - assistant
  • Isakobulov Rajabboy YUsufovich - assistant
  • Berdanov Azamat Oltinbekovich - assistant
  • Ishankulov Bakhodir Muratovich - assistant

Nowadays the department has 2 senior teachers and 6 assistants. The subjects are used in modern pedagogical technologies.