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The chair of "Information Technology"

Head of the Chair "Information Technology"

Tavboev Sirozhiddin Ahbutaevich, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Phone: +99891-943-66-55 (mob)


Days of reception: every week on Tuesday-Saturday from 14:00 to 16:00.


Chair "Informatics and Computer" on the basis of the decision in August DjizPI advice was organized in 1992 at the Chair of "Higher Mathematics". While in the chair worked 1 associate professor, 2-lecturer, 1 – assistants laboratory and study load is 2800 hours. Then the head of the chair was PhD. A.Abdukarimov and he headed the chair until 1996. 1995, based on the decision of the Scientific Council of the Institute, the chair was reclassified to a special chair with the 1995-1996 school year was carried out admission of students majoring B-55020805. Gradually strengthening material and technical base of the chair.

In 1996 he was elected Head of the Chair Ph.D., Assoc. A.Savurboev front of the pulpit and put new, research, educational, spiritual and educational tasks and they have been successfully implemented. Starting with the 2002-2003 academic year at the request of the time the chair was renamed the chair "Computing and IT" and began training in the direction 5521900-Informatics and Information Technologies.

2004 Head the chair was selected B.Kuziev. At the Chair jointly conducted training sessions continuously research projects and research results have been published in national and university collections of scientific, technical and practical conferences.

Since 2008, the head of the chair is associate professor S.A.Tavboev. During this period, from 2008 to carry out reception of students in special vocational training (Computer & IT) !. At the chair operate a PhD, five candidates, two senior teachers teaching activities which exceed more than fifteen years and six teachers - assistants, two engineers and one assistant: C.A.Tavboev- Ph.D., Acting Associate Professor - head of the Chair: A.Savurboev - Candidate of mathematical sciences, associate professor; A.V.Kabulov- Ph.D, professor; B.N.Kuziev Ph.D., associate professor; T.Eshonkulov - Ph.D., Associate Professor; O.H.Turakulov – Ph.D, acting associate professor; K.G.Jabborov—Ph.D, associate professor; N.Dangalov, Z.A.Iskandarova -major teachers; O.Turakulov, A.Guliyev, J.Ahmedov, U.Xasanov, O.Kayumov –assistant's.

The chair is equipped with modern computers and connected to the international information network - the Internet. Teachers assistant professor S.Tavboev, O.Turakulov, B.Kuziev, N.Dangalov, O.Kayumov, R.Davranov conduct research work on his doctoral dissertation.

Weight professors - faculty conduct research work on the topic "Problems of introduction of new information technologies in Jizzakh region." About 1,000 alumni of the chair operate not only within the country but also in the different sectors of the economy to foreign countries.

Specialty producing chairs.

   1. 51110018-Professional Education (Computer science and IT) general characteristics of the direction of education.

The following subjects are taught at the Department:


  • Information technologies in construction
  • 3D models and animation
  • Web programming
  • Web technologies
  • Computer aided design systems
  • Information Security
  • Information technology
  • Information and Communication Technologies and Systems
  • Economic and mathematical methods and models
  • Intellectual systems
  • Information technology for chemical engineering
  • Information technologies in agriculture
  • Computer graphics
  • Computer networks
  • Computer systems and networks
  • Mathematical logic in discrete mathematics
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Database management systems
  • Maulumotlar wa bilimlar basasi, ularni Boscharish tizimlari
  • Data Structures
  • Multimedia systems
  • Languages ??directed object oriented
  • Operating systems and laboratory
  • Information systems in education
  • Multimedia systems in education
  • Telecommunication systems and networks
  • Information technology in technical systems
  • System software
  • Переводчик Google для бизнеса –Инструменты переводчи

For masters

  • Information systems (EUTTV and T, A and AH, AI and A, ICC and LC, Bino and IP)


  1. Tavboyev Sirojiddin
  2. Kuziyev Botir
  3. Jabborov Kankel
  4. To'raqulov Olim
  5. Eshonqulov Tirkash
  6. Savurboyev Abdimo'min
  7. Dangalov Normamat
  8. Iskandarova Ziyoda
  9. Axmedov Jo'rabek
  10. Eshonqulov Sherzod
  11. Saidov Jasur
  12. Baratov Jasur
  13. Guliyev Alijon
  14. Shodmonov Xusniddin
  15. Xasanov Umid
  16. Qayumov Oybek
  17. Pirimqulov Oybek
  18. Abdumalikov Akmaljon
  19. Qarshiboyev Nizomiddin


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