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The chair of ""Engineering Communication"

Head of the Chair "Engineering Communication"

Toshmatov Norpulat Umarovich



Days of reception: every day 14:00 to 16:00.

Engineering Communication

Specialties "Water supply and sewerage" "Heat supply, gas supply and ventilation" were originally adopted in 1980 and were trained in the department "Building of buildings" (head of the department, associate professor E. Abdullayev, associate professor A. Ganiev). During this period T. Mukimov, U. Kholboev N. Toshmatov K. Takoboev act as expert instructors.

For the first time in 1985, students graduated from these specialties.

In 1983-1985, the department was divided into two departments: "Architecture of Industry and Civil Engineering" (Associate Professor A. Ganiev), as well as the Department "Civil Engineering" (head of the department A. Ikramov).

In 1985-1988 at the departments "Construction equipment" and "General engineering science" (head M. Soatov) were trained in these specialties. In 1988-1991 the specialty "Water supply and sewerage" under the management of "Building materials" (leader A. Salimov) was prepared.

Since 1992, the departments "Water supply and sewerage" (senior lecturer K. Takaboev) and "Heat engineering and hydraulics" (head of the department U. Holbolov) have been organized.

In 1995, the chairs were combined and renamed "Techniques of water supply and heat treatment" (leader R. Eshankulov)

Since 1996, the department has been renamed into "Water, Gas and Thermal Protection". Since 2000 the name of the department has been renamed into "Labor and environmental protection". Appointed U. Holboyev.

Since 2001, students have been enrolled in the Department of Environmental Engineering and Ecology and Nature Management at the Department of Environment and Environmental Protection.

Since 2012, the name of the department has been changed to "Engineering Communications".

Professors and teachers of the department on the topic "Determination of the influence of natural water circulation in Mirzachul under the influence of man-made objects and its impact on the change of the underground water use system" 5 million. The state grant was won, and this work continued until 2008.

Currently, 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 7 senior lecturer, 6 assistants



5340400 - Construction and installation of engineering communications (by type) - the direction of education in the field of science and technology, including the design, construction and installation of heat and gas supply, ventilation, water supply and sewerage systems, industrial, civil and other facilities and their rehabilitation, rational use of the air basin and water resources, as well as human activities, methods, methods of maintenance and servicing related to the construction of gas oil reservoirs and gas and oil pipelines and includes a set of p tools and tools designed for effective repair.

Professional work of bachelors includes:

  • design, including computer-aided design, research methods;
  • working out and research of working processes in engineering communication systems and equipment;
  • analysis, synthesis and optimization of development processes, quality assurance of products and application of certification methods (international);
  • Application of mathematical models of work processes in engineering communication systems and equipment;
  • development of engineering calculations, algorithms and mathematical software for engineering communication systems and equipment;
  • computer technologies and programming;
  • definition and application of the strategy of maintenance, exchange and repair of engineering communication systems and equipment;
  • design and engineering of technical operation and principles;
  • engineer-technologist;
  • introduction of systematic approach mechanisms;
  • Software, information and communication technologies and technologies;
  • didactics of vocational education;
  • Pedagogy and diagnostics of vocational education;
  • didactic teaching aids;
  • electronic educational tools;



  • Fundamentals of thermodynamics.
  • Hydraulic and hydraulic pneumatic systems.
  • Heating technology.
  • Liquid and gas mechanics.
  • Fuel and air supply stations.
  • Organization and operation of water supply and wastewater disposal systems.
  • Water supply.
  • Hydraulic and heat engineering.
  • Engineering networks and equipment.
  • Heat and heat engineering equipment.
  • Pumps, fans and compressors.
  • Gas supply systems.
  • Water treatment facilities.
  • Technology of sewage treatment.
  • Engineering networks and equipment.
  • Ventilation and air-conditioning systems.
  • Drainage system.
  • Design of wastewater treatment plants for industrial enterprises.
  • Technology of sewage treatment.
  • Technique and technology of preparation, welding and assembly.
  • Principles of heat and gas supply and ventilation.
  • Water supply.
  • Hydraulics and heat engineering.
  • Basis for water supply and wastewater discharge.
  • Building Thermophysics.
  • Equipment for heat production.
  • Heat support systems.
  • Designing of heating systems.
  • Use and protection of water resources.


  1. Boboev Sobir - Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor
  2. Usmankulov Abduvahob - Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor
  3. Aimatov Ruzhiboy - Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor
  4. Meliev Baktior Uktamovich - Candidate of Technical Sciences
  5. Toshmatov Norpulat Umarkulovich - senior lecturer
  6. Bobomurodov Omirkul Sattorovich - senior lecturer
  7. Tursunov Mamatkul Karimovich - senior lecturer
  8. Takaboev Kuchkar Uralovich - senior lecturer
  9. Kurbanov Berdier Toshtemirovich - senior lecturer
  10. Mansurova Shahnoza Pulatovna - senior lecturer
  11. Sultonov Akmal Obidovich - master, senior lecturer
  12. Saidullaev Sisrodzhiddin Rakhmatullaevich - master, senior lecturer
  13. Khodzhimatova Mavlyuda Mamasolievna - master, senior lecturer
  14. Akhmedova Malika Asatullaevna - master, senior lecturer
  15. Alibekova Nazira Nazarovna - assistant
  16. Aripov Nuriddin Yusupovich - assistant
  17. Yuldashev Anvar Rakhmatovich - assistant
  18. Musaev Sharof Mamarajabovich - assistant
  19. Matniyozov Hasanboy Atabaevich - assistant
  20. Pirnazarov Ilkhom Islamovich – assistant


The following teachers of the department are engaged in scientific work.

  • Khodzhimatova Mavlyuda Mamasolievna - working on the topic: "Improving the effectiveness of the gasification method for removing liquids from wells."
  • Akhmedova Malika Asatullaevna - "Scientific substantiation of the assessment of the impact of modernization of pulverized coal equipment and environmental impact at the enterprises of the Djizak granary".
  • Mathiezov Hasanboy Atabaevich - Research Fellow, "Marketing Research in the Market".


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