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«August 2018»

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The chair of "Roads"

Head of "Roads" department

Erboyev Shavkat Ochiltoshevich

Phone: (0 372) 223-04-23, 280-30-79


Adoption: Monday to Friday (from 14:00 until 16:00)

Erboyev Shavkat was born in 1975. In 1997, he graduated from Jizzakh Polytechnical Institute with a degree in Construction Engineer texnolog, and in 2018 from the Tashkent Institute of design, construction and maintenance of automobile roads (independent applicant).

Erboyev Shavkat is the author of 20 scientific and methodical works, 23 methodical works. His scientific works are published in scientific journals of Avstry, Russia, Belarus and other countries. 

History of the department "Automobile roads"

In the department "Building and Structures" was opened in 2006 on the direction of 5340600 " Exploitation of transport facilities", taking into account the increasing demand for transport facilities (by types of transport) from September 2010, Department of "Construction of buildings and constructions" was separated from the department "Roads and traffic safety" and became a separate department.

In 2010-2012, the head of the department Artikov Abdukahhor Abdubanayevich was appointed to the department "Roads and traffic safety". In 2011, the department started accepting the new 5340800 - "Roads and Airports" direction. Since 2012, the department has been admitted to the magistracy on the specialty 5A340602 - "Repair and maintenance of motor roads and airfields".

In the 2012-2013 academic year, by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, the name of the department was renamed "Motorways" and Adilov Akbota Karimovich was appointed as the head of the department.

In the 2013-2014 academic year the head of the department was headed by Bertikulov Azam Mardonovich.

The head of the department for the period of 2016-2017 was Ganiyev Inomjon Gulyamovich. From aprel 12, 2018 Erboyev Shavkat Ochiltoshevich  was appointed as the head of the department.

At the moment, the department has a bachelor degree in 5340600 - "Transport facilities exploitation", 5340800 - "Motor roads and airfields" bachelor degree, "5A341401-" Motor roads design and construction "and 5A340801-" Highways and airfields 461 students and masters are trained on magistracy specialties, including 174 students on grand basis, 280 students on contractual basis, 2 master majors, 2 masters paying for a contract.

Directions and specialization of training personnel of "Roads" department:

At the Department of "Automobile Roads" 2 bachelors and 1 masters are trained under the national program of cadres training.


  1. 5340600 - "Transportation of transport facilities (by types of transport)"
  2. 5340800- "Roads and airfields" direction

Master degree:

  1. Specialty 5A341401 - "Automobile roads design and construction"

Subjects taught at the department:

Bachelor's degree:
  • Road building materials
  • Road construction architecture
  • Engineering Geology and Mechanics of Grunds
  • Road construction machinery and equipment
  • Fundamentals of automation of development processes
  • Floor and foundation
  • Reconstruction of highways
  • Fundamentals of organization and technology of road construction
  • Basics of exploitation of highways
  • Basics of design, construction and exploitation of bridges
  • Basics of design, construction and operation of traffic tonnage
  • Fundamentals of design, construction and exploitation of the site
  • City streets and roads


    1. Management of technology and quality of construction materials in modern roads and airfields
    2. Information technology in designing highways and airfields
    3. Use of new technologies in the construction of highways and airports
    4. Modern techniques of repair and maintenance of motor roads and airports
    5. Exploitation of highways and airports
    6. Diagnostics of highways and airports
    7. Reliability of highways and airports
    8. Reconstruction of motorways and airports
    9. Roads and aerodrome construction machinery and equipment
    10. Logistics in the construction of roads and airfields

Nowadays there are 22 professors and teachers in the department. 3 associate professors, 8 senior teachers, 8 assistants, 3 associates.

Professors and teachers of the department

      1. Ganiev I.
      2. Hamrakulov R.
      3. Rakhmonov B.
      4. Xidoyatullaev X.
      5. Bobojonov R.
      6. Maxkamov Z.
      7. Tovboev B.
      8. Karakulov X.
      9. Mirzabekov M.
      10. Qusimova D.
      11. Yuzboev R.
      12. Umrzakov Z.
      13. Yusupov J.
      14. Zafarov O.
      15. Hudoyberdiyev J.
      16. Urazov
      17. Murodov Z.
      18. Israilov O.
      19. Hamrakulova E.
      20. Rayimjonov O.

The main tasks of the department are to prepare qualified bachelors and masters for the construction and design of modern automobile roads and airfields, as well as teaching methodological and research works.

Acquired scientific results:

Laboratory of Testing of Construction products under the department successfully accredited laboratory. During this laboratory, masters and gifted students receive scientific results based on their research programs.

Scientific research activities carried out by the Department of "Roads" have been regularly discussed at the meetings of the Scientific and Scientific-Methodical Councils of the Institute and relevant decisions have been made.

The following measures are planned for the new 2017:

  • Search of ways to increase the scientific potential of the department up to 50%;
  • Conducting thorough discussion and decision-making on faculties at the faculty meetings on the state of implementation of independent dissertation dissertations;
  • The department has the following specialties and specializations on the basis of state grants, enterprises and organizations' orders (contracts), preparing scientific and pedagogical cadres, defense of doctoral dissertation, introduction of research results, preparation of documents on inventions and rationalization proposals Assistance in registration;
  • Implementation of application of innovative developments created by professors and teachers of the department;
  • Conducting international scientific conferences in the department;
  • Ensuring the participation of talented students and young scientists in various conferences and competitions;
  • To pay special attention to attracting students to experimental design and research works in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Active work on international cooperation and establishment of scientific contacts with foreign countries.

Innovative fundamental research works carried out in 2012-2017

Bridges Monitoring System;

Technical management of transport facilities in fertile conditions.

Today, talented students are involved in research.

Advanced pedagogical and information technologies are used effectively in the subjects of the department.

During the academic year, the focus was made on the effective use of new pedagogical and information technologies in order to provide students with a profound knowledge. All subjects

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