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The chair of "Higher Mathematics"

Head of the Chair "Higher Mathematics"

Ph.D. A.O.Musaev


Days of reception: every week on tuesday, thursday and friday from 14:00 to 16:00.

From the history of the department "Higher Mathematics" at Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute

Department of "Higher Mathematics" being one of the first basic departments of the institute was organized at the Department of “General education subjects” at General Technical faculty of the former Faculty of Tashkent State Technical university (TSTU) in May 1978. At that time four teachers Ph.D., associate professor M.Mansurov, senior teachers A.Hazratov, B.Anjiev and assistant A.Abdulhalikov worked at the Department. In the first years of its activity widely-scaled organizational work was established and the material and technical base was improved in the department, as well as providing teaching materials. To provide the Department with experienced teachers that having long-term working experience in higher education B.Matniyazov and A.Norbaev were invited from Samarkand State University. In 1980, the Technical Faculty was transformed into a branch and increased demand for scientific and methodological activities of the department. In this regard, the first model of computer equipment "Nairi" and "Electronics" appeared at the department were used in the training process. During the first five years, members of the department made more than 20 teaching aids that having guidelines for Sections and subjects of Mathematics, wrote dozens of articles that were published in scientific collections of materials of these conferences.

In 1984-1988 Ph.D. T.Eshonkulov headed the Department. And those years were the most effective for scientific research. Members of the department A.Musaev, B.Anjiev defended their theses, and A.Abdulhalikov, A.Abdukarimov, A.Berdiyorov, B.Bobonazarov B.Kuziev and enrolled in graduate school at prestigious central universities. In a short time 40 scientific papers were published on various areas of higher mathematics. And, to enhance the prestige of the department in those years 8 faculty members worked at the department and scientific potential of the department was 45%.

In 1988-1994, Ph.D. A.O.Musaev headed the department. During this time five members of the department successfully defended their dissertations and scientific potential of the department reached 70%. For five years more than 60 scientific articles, 40 training manuals, instructions were written by the members of the department. Members of the department conducted various activities in different parts of the first branch, and later (1992) formed Polytechnic Institute. Years of this period were the most effective research projects in the life of the department.

In the short period from 1994 to 1995 Ph.D. A.Hamrakulov headed the department.

In 1995-2005, Ph.D. B.Bobonazarov was in charge of the department. In these years most members of the department directed all the scientific and methodological activities to the educational process. Teaching staff of the department were engaged to create textbooks, manuals and instructions. The department has become one of the leading departments of the institute.

In 2005-2008 the department was headed by Ph.D. A.Sh.Berdiyorov. During this period, more attention was paid to the students' self-study, the creation of teaching aids and made educational-methodical tasks to implement independent work. Training complex on higher mathematics for each direction was first created and now it is widely used in the educational process.

From November 2008 to March 2010, the department was headed by Senior Lecturer S.Murodov. During this period, the scientific potential of the department was 60%, the members of the department became experienced and have had success in scientific research work.

From March to June 2010 Ph.D. A.Abdulhalikov ruled the Department. In a short time more than 120 models, posters have been prepared by the members of the department and every member of the department made more than 100 handouts.

Since June 2010, Ph.D. A.O.Musaev has been the head of the department. During the last five years the Department became younger due to young teachers as R.N.Mirzakabilov, T.T.Haydarov, H.N.Alimov, B.Rahimov, A.R.Nematov, S.Sharipov, K. Ahadova. Young professionals are carrying out their research work in collaboration with scientists of prestigious higher educational institutions in the capital of the country as the National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent State Technical University, Samarkand State University. To increase the scientific potential of the department and ensure its scientific and methodological stability of young scientists conduct large-scale training and methodological research work.

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