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«Dekabr 2017»

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The chair of "History of Uzbekistan and social sciences"

Head of the Chair "Fundamentals of building a democratic society in Uzbekistan"

dotsent Bobanazarova Jamila Xolmurodovna


Days of reception: every week on tuesday, thursday and friday from 14:00 to 16:00.

“The development of any country, role in the history of common humanity, status and honor of it are dependant of its sons` mental and physical maturity”

Islom Karimov.

There are educational, methodical, scientific-methodical, scientific-research works, as well as training scientific and scientific-pedagogic personnel, qualification improvement and retraining, organizational, spiritual-educational, and educational works are being done on social-humanitarian sciences at the department of “The History of Uzbekistan and social sciences”.

The subjects like “Theory of economics”, “The history of Uzbekistan”, “Philosophy”, ”Sociology”, ”Culture basics and religious studies”, ”The history of economic studies”, “Cultural studies”, “The idea of  national independence”, “Uzbek language”, “Law and the Constitution of Uzbekistan”, “Politology”, are taught at the department.

The department, consists of individuals who work full time and part time as professor-teachers: Bobanazarova.J.Kh. - head of the department, Akhmedshina.F. - full professor, Uralov.Q.- docent, Khidoyatov.R. – docent, Qulmatov.P.- docent, Kholmurodov.A.- docent, Mamatqulov.F.- docent, Pardayev.M.- docent, Khakimov.O.- docent, Jurayev.J. – docent, Mamanazarov.S.- senior lecturer, Rashidova.B. – senior lecturer, Boyzoqova.D. – senior lecturer, Fayzullayeva.K. – senior lecturer, Ortiqov.O. – senior lecturer, Yodgorov.Z,- senior lecturer, Norbekov.S. – senior lecturer, Nosirov.B. – senior lecturer, Azamatova.G. – assistant, Khidirov.Kh. – assistant, Khodjimurotov.Sh. – assistant, Ruziyev.A. – assistant, Ibaydullayev.T. – assistant, Qarshiyev.I. – assistant, Akhmedov.J. – assistant, Dusanov.S. – assistant, Akhmedova.Z. – assistant, Razzoqov.Q. – assistant, Khamdamova.Kh. – assist, Tajibayev.M. – assistant, Komilov.D. – assistant.

The academic load of the department is – 27 094 hours. There are 35 professor-teachers working on 29 established posts. The scientific potential of the department is – 30%.

Nowadays, the department is cooperating with the following organizations and institutions:

Samarqand institute of Archeology, Center for spiritual propaganda of the Jizzakh region, charitable public fund “Mahalla”, scientific-practical center “Oila”, civic movement of the youth “Kamolot”, Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute, Jizzakh regional council of  “Milliy tiklanish” democratic party”.

Works regarding innovation ideas are organized systemized, for instance, a practical grant project, planned for the sum of 106 million in cooperation with Tashkent State University of Economics which is being run by the head of the department – J.Bobanazarova.

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