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The chair of "Construction of engineering communications"

Head of the Chair "Construction of engineering communications"

senior lecturer U.Holbaev


Days of reception: every week on tuesday, thursday and friday from 14:00 to 16:00.

History of chair

The Enrolment of students in directions "Water supply and water drainage " and " The Heating, Gas Supply and Ventilation" has been begun since 1980.

Associate professors E.Abdullaev and A.Ganiev were managing chairs "Construction of designs") at which study on these specialities has been organised. On these chairs worked as teachers T.Mukumov, U.Holboev, N.Toshmatov and K.Takaboev. The first high school graduates in the above-stated specialties have taken place in 1985.

The chair divided in two chair "Industrial and Civil Construction" and "Discipline of Construction" in 1983 - 1985

The study of students on this specialty has been organized on chairs "Construction of Machinery" and "Discipline of General Engineering". Associate professor M.Soatov was appointed the head of chair in 1985-1988 years.

The study of students on a specialty "Water supply and the water drain has been organised on chair" Products of Construction " the Head of chair ( associate professor A.Salimov) in 1988-91 years.

In 1992 the chair divided in two and was given under the managing of the senior teacher K.Takabaeva "Water supply and water drains" and under the managing of senior lecturer U.Holbaeva "The Heating engineer and Hydraulics".

In 1995 these chairs were united in one chair "Water supply and The Heating of engineering " (The Head of chair the professor R.Eshonkulov).

In 1996 the chair has been renamed on " Water and heating supply and Preservation of the Environment".

In 2000 the chair has been renamed "the Labour safety and environment". Under the manage of chair senior lecturer U.Holbaev.

The enrolment of students in directions "Construction of engineering communications" and "Ecology and wildlife management" has been organized since 2001.

In 2012 the chair was renamed on chair "Engineering of Communications". The head of chair is senior lecturer U.Holboev and there are 4 senior lecturers, 4 senior teachers and 8 assistants in the chair.

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