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The chair of "Highways"

Head of the Chair "Highways"

Candidate of Technical Sciences Associate Professor, Hamrakulov Ravshan Djabborovich


Days of reception: every week on tuesday, thursday and friday from 14:00 to 16:00.

History of the chair "Highways"

At the department "Construction of buildings" in 2006 opened direction 5340600 - "Operation of transport facilities". Given an increase to the direction 5340600 - "Operation of transport facilities" in September 2010 at the department "Construction of buildings and structures" opened a new department of "Highways and safety of movement ", which later split off and became a separate department.

From 2010-2012 year head of the department "Highways and safety of movement" was Artikov Abdukahhor Abdubannaevich. Since 2011, at the Department began a new technique 5340800 - "Highways and airports". Getting started in 2012 at the department began receiving a Master's degree 5A340602 - "Conservation, the renovation of roads and airfields."

In 2012-2013 by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers Department "Highways and safety of movement" was renamed the Department of "Highways" and was appointed Head of Adilov Okbuta Karimovich. From 2013 to 2014 as head of the department performed Berdikulov A'zam Mardonovich. Since 2014 Head of the Department appointed Ravshan Hamrakulov Djabborovich.

To date, the department has a degree in the following fields: 5340600 - "Operation of transport facilities", 5340800 - "Highways and airports" and 5A340602 - "Conservation, the renovation of roads and airfields". Total number of students and undergraduates is 461, of which 174 students are enrolled on a budgetary basis, 280 on a fee basis, 4 masters on a budgetary basis and 3 masters on a contract basis.

Training of the Department "Highways" in areas and specialties At the department "Highways" trained personnel in accordance with the national program for undergraduate 2 directions and 1 special on the magistracy.

5340600 - "Operation of transport facilities"
5340800 - "Highways and airports"

Master's degree specialties:
5A340602 - "Conservation, the renovation of roads and airfields"

Currently, there are 21 professors and teachers of the department. 2 professors, 4 senior lecturers, 6 assistants, 9-time.

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