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The chair of "Technology of light in dustry"

Head of the Chair "Technology of light in dustry"

k.f.n., dots. Ruzmatov Ikrom Ruzmatovich


Days of reception: every week on tuesday, thursday and friday from 14:00 to 16:00.

The chair of "technology of light in dustry"

In 1993-1994 there were began to receive the students to the specialty of "Technology of sewing things" in the Jizzakh Polytechnical institute.

In 1995-1996 administration of the institute began to prepare bachelors for the light industrial enterprises. For the purpose of that in 2002 there was opened the chair of "Technology of light industry".

Since 1996 to 2006 the chair was managed by candidate of philosophical science Askar Zokirov. During 2006-2007 the chair was managed by dotsent Jamila Bobonazarova. In 2008 dotsent Gulbahor Soatova was appointed as a chairman. During these years the whole laboratories and educational studies of the chair were equipped with new tools and educational displays. Since September 2012, the chair of "Technology of Light industry" was managed be candidate of economical sciences Botir Mukhtorov.

In accordance of with the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers dated 24.08.2012 by no: 178 there founded textile department "Odina skarlet textile" by initiative of graduated student Mannonova Markhabo.This textile department was equipped with the new textile tools and sewing machines.

There are organized all conditions for laboratory and practical trainings in this department. Nowadays there are working more than 20 graduating students in this chair.   


Nowadays G.Soatova's dissertation thesis is analyzing through theoretical and research experiments. Her scientific work has accomplished about 90%.

Head teacher of the chair G.Shertaylakov is finishing rough variant of his dissertation thesis and is going to hand over to scientific opponents.

Head teacher of the chair S.Gafurova has finished theoretical version of her dissertation thesis. Nowadays there are analyzing experimental research data. Dissertation thesis has accomplished about 70 %.

In 2009 a chairman of the chair of "Technology of light industry" dotsent G.Soatova had been recognized as a winner of "Pedagogical grants" of Fond Forum of Uzbekistan. This year she was invited to the enhancive course, which had been in Egypt.

In these years there were published more than 30 methodical handbooks and directions by the teachers of the chair of "Technology of light industry".

Besides there were prepared various electron versions of the lectures which were taught in the chair. As well as there were prepared course projects and laboratory works, methodical recommendations by the professor-teachers of the chair of the "Technology of light industry".


There was organized innovational group of gifted students in the chair. As well as there are established coexistence relations with many enterprises and joint-ventures, such as the Tashkent textile and light industry Institute, Uzbek National University, Buchara food industrial Institute, the Institute of Design named after K. Bekhzod, Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute named after Nizamiy, "Forish textile" joint-venture, "Turkish-Uzbek textile" joint-venture, and "Zilola tex".

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