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The chair of "Operation of vehicles"

Chair "Operation of vehicles"

... Senior lecturer Adilov Okbuta Karimovich

Tel.: +99895-503-35-04 (mob)


Visiting days: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with 14:00 to 16:00.

Chair "Operation of vehicles"

The chair "Operation of vehicles" was established in 1993 on base "Cars and an automobile economy". On chair scientific works in such directions as, "Working out of scientific works on maintenance of safety and increase of activity of technical operation in an automobile economy", "Acknowledgement of influence on ecology of the fulfilled gases from activity of automobile means and their influence on environment", "scientifically practical bases of preparation of experts on the basis of innovative scientific technologies" are conducted. The chair conducts teamwork with the Tashkent road institute, the Moscow road institute, Scientific institutes of Republic Uzbekistan on mechanisation and electrification of agriculture, vocational education development, with many enterprises of area. In particular with such factories as "GM Uzbekistan" in Asaka, "Sam Avto" in Samarkand, Uzbek-American joint venture "UZ Exsid", etc.

The chair prepares experts in following specialities: 

1. 5310600 - Land transport systems and their operation (motor transport)
2. 5610100 - Sphere of services (motor transport)
3. 5620100 - Organization of transportations and transport logistics

At the winner of the award of young experts of Uzbekistan, senior lecturer T.Abduazizov, in a current of the next 5 years the educational methodology is prepared, is written more than 30 scientific articles, developed more than 10 methodical grants.

During this period, when academician N.Rashidov was managing chair, the big attention to strengthening of scientific potential of chair was paid. Per 1998-1999 on chair works of the academician of Academy of Selsko-economic sciences of N.Rashidov, the thesis for a doctor's degree of senior lecturer T.Abduazizov have been noted, teachers of chair S.Usmonov and O.Adilov have defined subjects of the scientific works.

In connection with updating of an education system of Uzbekistan, at the initiative of N.Rashidova the chair has been retrained on preparation of experts of bachelors, and "Operation of vehicles" is named. Efforts of the professor of O.Hamrakulova and senior teacher H.Hamrakulova on the basis of chair had been created laboratory on preparation of drivers of cars "Avtomobilchi".

In 1999-2003 over chair M.Rahmatullaev's Cand.Tech.Sci. supervised. At M.Rahmatullaeve on chair courses of lectures in all subjects have been prepared, and on their basis manuals are prepared. Its diligence on chair had been organised a computer class, audiences are supplied by new educational stock, and also the system of deeper use of computer techniques in the course of training is introduced. Possibility for students of passage of practice at such factories "GM Uzbekistan" and SamAvto is created.

For improvement of quality of laboratory work, the out-of-date equipment of laboratory has been updated.

In 2003-2008 of over chair the professor of the Jizak polytechnic institute O.Hamrakulov supervised, during short time the structure of chair has been reconsidered and work on increase of scientific potential of chair is done. The qualified teachers of "the Tashkent road institute" are invited to work.

After arrival of the rector to institute of Doctor of Technical Sciences I.S.Sadikova of possibility of increase of scientific potential have increased. Variety of production managers have been involved in chair work. There has begun work laboratory "Technical operation of the car".

Since 2009, the department directs the docent S. Usmanov. With Assoc. S. Usmonova Department has repeatedly won international and national research grants.

Since 1996 on chair it is prepared about 3000 experts in operation of vehicles. They work in Xakimiyat areas, a city and areas, the Department of Internal Affairs, the various organizations " Jizak trance", etc.

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